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<h1><span class='Light' style='letter-spacing:-0.0667em;'>Ultimate</span> <span class='Bold'>Life</span></h1><h3 class='Light'>“I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.”</h3><h3 class='Light'>Psalm <span style='font-size:1.425em'>32.8</span></h3> <h1><span class='Light' style='letter-spacing:-0.0667em;'>Ultimate</span> <span class='Bold'>Life</span></h1><h3 class='Light'>“My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.”</h3><h3 class='Light'>John <span style='font-size:1.425em'>10.10</span></h3> <h1><span class='Light' style='letter-spacing:-0.0667em;'>Ultimate</span> <span class='Bold'>Life</span></h1><h3 class='Light'>“and you will have a full and true life in Christ”</h3><h3 class='Light'>Colossians <span style='font-size:1.425em'>2.10</span></h3> <h6 class='Light'>The</h6><h1><span class='Light' style='letter-spacing:-0.0667em;'>Ultimate</span> <span class='Bold'>Life</span></h1><h3 class='Light'>ministries serves individuals, churches, leadership teams, companies, and organizations through seminars, lectures, and focused counseling for marriages, families, individuals.</h3>

Our joy is in serving people to become more effective with life and thus bring glory to God.

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Sharpening The Sword

Sharpening The Sword

Sharpening The Sword is a unique color-coded marking system for your use in learning the Bible. Rather than buying a Bible that is already color-coded, you do the marking yourself which will enhance your connection with Gods Word. Sharpening The Sword is a comprehensive system where the entire Bible can be categorized with one of eight colors and you will be able to utilize this systematic approach in assessing every verse.

Sharpening The Sword is an amazing tool for your church, your family, or you as an individual. There are three editions for every level of spiritual maturity. Place your order today and get started on the Sharpening The Sword journey!

And take the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. - Ephesians 6:17

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